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Our Vision

To be the most sought-after lean, agile & green technology solutions provider.

Our Mission

We are in a mission of providing effective and sustainable technology solutions engineered with humanity to positively impact planet Earth and the lives of its people.

Our Core Values


We adopt a courageous mindset as we develop and deliver technology services that push the envelope for what’s possible in the growing markets. We’re always exploring for newer and better methodologies and technologies that deliver value in ways never
seen before.


We ensure that we can always deliver what is promised, and ensure our skill-sets are constantly updated and kept to global standards. This also extends to our partners, vendors and suppliers.


We have intentionally kept our teams small and agile, to always be curious and experimental. Creativity is not a silo-ed exercise at nCinga, but continuous cycle of exercises in which the whole
company is invested in.


We’re always equipped to go the extra mile, and ensure that we’re able provide value in a precise manner to our customers. This is our driving force, which allows us to deliver world class solutions to businesses in the fastest growing markets.

The Sri Lankan Startup Story of the decade

Our Story

Sri Lanka, though a relatively small country in the South Asian region, is no stranger to producing world class products in software engineering. It offered to the world the fastest trading platform for stock-exchanges, a feat that was unmatched by the biggest and best companies of the developed world.

Recognizing the key technologies that nCinga innovation was building, it was acquired by Zillingo- one of South-East Asia’s fastest growing Apparel & Manufacturing PaaS company - backed by the most reputed VCs in the industry

Image by Remy Gieling

And in January of 2020, it did this again, when nCinga Innovation was acquired by Zillingo for 15million USD, a pivotal transaction not just for Sri Lanka, but for all businesses in growth markets.
nCinga innovation’s platform, incubated and grown with clients in South-East Asia, were one-of-a-kind and a future-first take on industry 4.0.
The platform nFactory, was highly scalable, built to make use of the millions of touch-points with IoT in manufacturing coupled with ML and AI. Recognized by the largest manufacturers in the region, the nFactory platform was bringing Digital Transformation to an industry that is over 250 years old, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology.

NCINGA is a prime example for the kind of innovation and disruption in the frontier markets. Within a short span of time, they were able to deliver an exceptional globally scalable solution , that changed how frontier markets approach industry 4.0 in with a lean digital philosophy

Rajan Anandan

Managing Director, Sequoia Capital India & SEA, Founder BOV Capital

Image by EL Medjadji

Today, we are
a Lean Systems Integrator for Digital Transformation to catalyze the frontier markets

Our background in lean

The concept of lean manufacturing, a concept pioneered by Toyota, set the standard for manufacturing excellence in the 20th century. When we built for industry 4.0, the lean philosophy was at its core, and are now able to bring this philosophy for every aspect of our service delivery.

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Adopting the Lean Philosophy for Service Delivery

The lean philosophy in technology services delivery is to align our whole company to deliver value to the customer; and to remove any process that doesn’t relate in tangible value to the customer.

Avoiding ‘Garbage-in-Garbage-out’

In Digital Transformation, most service providersfocus on merely transforming a manual/analogprocess onto a digital platform, and more oftenthan not, it also carries forward the redundanciesand ‘waste’ in the legacy process.

Our Quality Policy

At NCINGA, we are on a mission to provide Information Communication Technology solutions Engineered with humanity in mind to add value and impact life in positive ways for our clients and their clients

Image by Tyler Lastovich

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