Banking and Financial Services

Technology components for invisible banking

We provide the technology enablers for any bank as they redefine banking experiences. Today, traditional banks, digital challengers and neobanks compete to offer flexible, seamless banking services. The industry is increasingly becoming dominated by smaller, more agile players with faster time-to-market. NCINGA upgrades legacy systems to be cloud-native, service-oriented, and open-banking compliant. Our cloud-first approach tackles the key components of invisible banking: banking applications, customer experiences, application services, and cloud, security and artificial intelligence (AI).

Designed for Unique Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to digital challenges in this industry. Our technology solutions and team of experts understand the nuances in the banking and financial services industry. These insights and extensive industry experience underscore our approach to designing customised solutions that enable you to best redefine your services.

Benefits and Capabilities

We designed each of our capabilities to solve pain points in the industry. Every aspect of our approach, from establishing partnerships with technology vendors to the solutions, emphasises the needs of banking and financial services. Lean, agile methodologies underpin our technology philosophy. We ensure that every partnership and capability has a direct impact on your business practices.

Banking applications

Interface development and support, software testing, local development and customisation, implementation, data migration and business consultation.

Managed services offerings

We address the following: system monitoring and maintenance, application and database administration, release management and version control, data backup and disaster recovery, system upgrades and migration, performance optimisation, change management and customisation, and close of business (COB) support.

Application services

We architect an API layer for open banking and bank 4.0. Our solution includes automation tools for repetitive, manual tasks, microservices components, and intelligent process automation. It also enables API monetisation.

Customer experiences

Provide next-generation integrated applications. Our solution enables aggregated, account, transaction, and payment services that support multi-core/vendor integrations. It comes with business intelligence capabilities powered by analytics, predictive modelling and machine learning (ML). Secure, open API management and fast, agile development and testing complete our solution.

Our clients

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