Our Story

Powering goodness through technology

We're architects of a better tomorrow, driven by courage and a heartfelt commitment to innovation for goodness. Our transformative engineering ethos underscores the importance of making a difference together with everyone in our ecosystem. We believe in using technology to reimagine our world so that it is more just and full of collaborative potential.

Our Journey

Visionaries driving humanity forward

Courageous visionaries have shaped our world. We too are powered by the same daring spirit of dreaming big and changing outcomes for the better. Speed, agility and commitment are our guiding mantras. Pushing the boundaries of human possibilities defines our approach to everything at NCINGA. Engineered for humanity extends beyond technology engineering; it encompasses every NCINGA function. We are constantly thinking about designing transformative solutions that will move humanity forward. It’s about solving industry problems, especially the difficult ones, and being prepared for the next technological revolution. AI is the latest frontier, and we are building tools that will respond to emerging opportunities so that all of us have the potential to achieve winning outcomes.


Continued growth, giving back to society

Foundation of Humanity establishment to support communities in need, especially focusing on technology, entrepreneurship and leadership education.
Expanded footprint in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa , UK and USA.


The ecosystem grows to support entrepreneurs

nVentures comes into being to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs in South Asia and SouthEast Asia.
NCINGA gains the much coveted Cisco Gold partnership and ISO certifications.


Ecosystem establishment

Incubation of NCINGA Pvt. Ltd., which houses the company’s engineering base. Opens a new, large office in Sri Lanka to accommodate the ever expanding team. Founded IFINITY with a vision of transforming banks to be intelligent, invisible and infinite.


One of the largest tech startup exits in Sri Lanka

nFactory's success and future potential led to its acquisition by a Singapore-based unicorn. This was one of the most iconic startup stories that inspired many entrepreneurs in the region.


Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit grows

Founding of nCinga Innovations, a startup that aims to revolutionise the manufacturing industry with its next generation smart factory solution, nFactory. Within a short span of time, nFactory became the best MES in the apparel industry, with hundreds of factories across Asia deploying it to solve problems concerning efficiencies, quality and lead times.


The journey starts

Sri Lanka Telecom and Telecom Fiji Ltd. become our clients


Our Vision

We envision a world where technology amplifies our shared humanity, while striving to be the most sought-after technology solutions provider.

Our Mission

Guided by courageous innovation, collective excellence and conscious responsibility, we are committed to empower businesses and communities to thrive and adapt by harnessing the transformational power of technology.

Our Values

Guiding our unique vision for goodness


We build fearlessly and act with purpose. Courage drives our ambitions; it is what gives us the confidence to become problem solvers and the pioneers that others look up to.


Our team is one of collective excellence, where everyone thrives on collaboration, inclusivity, empowerment and trust. We champion individual contribution and active participation because we're stronger together.


Our holistic decision-making processes respect people and the planet by doing good in any way possible. We believe in making meaningful, urgent impacts through sustainability and social responsibility.

Awards & Certifications

We are recognised by global leaders

Our Team

Imal Kalutotage

Founder / Chairman

Imal is an entrepreneur who has brought many ‘firsts’ to Sri Lanka. His cosmopolitan career spans roles at IBM, HPE and Cisco. A true entrepreneur at heart, Imal is passionate about empowering the next generation. Apart from his leadership within the NCINGA ecosystem, he has a diverse investment portfolio.

Vajira Wijesinghe

Managing Director

Vajira is a firm believer in innovation for social impact. His 20+ year career has helped revolutionise telecommunications operations throughout South Asia, empowering these teams to realise their growth potential. Vajira brings a forward-looking attitude to NCINGA, guiding the team to foster long-lasting customer collaborations.

Harindha Fernando


Harindha is a visionary, shaping the digital landscape with his lean mindset. His 20+ year career spans networking, enterprise technologies and cloud computing. Harindha brings a lean, agile mindset to all his projects. The word calm best describes Harin’s personality; he leads others to excellence and understands individual quirks.

Aruna Malalasena

VP of Cyber Security and Enterprise

Aruna is a cyber security guru, driven by his strategic vision that empowers clients to thrive in today’s business landscape with the right security tools. His 25+ year career in diverse companies highlights his long track record of delivering innovative technology solutions that transform organisations for the better.

Chathura Pieris


Chathura is a seasoned technology professional with 20+ years experience in telecommunications, digital innovation and R&D. He is a passionate advocate for technology entrepreneurship. His unique approach blends expertise with a compassionate touch, fostering an environment where innovation and growth coexist seamlessly. He holds a patent in Near Field Communication (NFC) platform development.

Dhammika Ranatunga

Enterprise Solutions Architect

Dhammika is a veteran in cloud solutions, with 18+ years of experience across pre-sales, design, implementation and support. Continuous development and specialisation define his long career; Dhammika’s comprehensive expertise has led projects in telecoms and large enterprises regionally. He creates an environment of trust and collaboration - factors essential for success.

Rohana Somarathne

VP of Service Delivery

Rohana is a multifaceted expert and the driving force behind timely project delivery. For over 23 years, he has specialised in a wide range of roles - service delivery, project management and delivery management. Rohana is a natural problem-solver who places client satisfaction at the top of the priority list.

Kokum Randeni

VP of Sales

Kokum is a sales professional who brings enthusiasm and commitment to all his projects. His 10+ year career spans technology companies and multinational companies across Asia Pacific. Kokum’s cosmopolitan experience gives him a well developed sense of cultural nuance, an imperative for building win-win client relationships.

Sakuni Goonewardena

Head of HR

Sakuni is the ultimate people person who strives to recognise the contribution of each team member and works towards encouraging them to give their best. She is passionate about fostering a dynamic corporate culture, as underscored by her 10+ year career in HR. Sakuni overlooks a diverse HR portfolio.

Jayantissa Meegalla

Head of Group Finance

Meegalla oversees overall financing functions. He has a formidable professional background - a 30+ year career, holds graduate and postgraduate degrees from leading Sri Lankan universities, certification as a Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute of USA, associate member of Institute of Bankers, Sri Lanka and holds a Certification in International Banking Risk and Regulations from Global Association of Risk Professionals of USA.

Gayathrie Dissanayake

Head of Marketing

Gayathrie is a marketer with a perfectionist’s keen attention to detail. Her goal is to guide NCINGA’s brand story to continued success. Throughout her 10+ year career, Gayathrie has spearheaded digital marketing and brand strategies, along with events. She champions inclusivity and diversity and is passionate about sustainability initiatives.