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Our Culture

"Boredom, dullness and blocked minds! We keep them away with our lively & happening events & activities."

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NCINGA has created a culture that emphasizes on client centricity, employee happiness and continuous improvement. We have our own unified set of values that guide us in every situation and push us a step ahead than the previous day. Work freedom, healthy activities, celebrations and rewards, whatever it takes to encourage our people, we don’t think twice before putting it into action.


Festivals, New Year celebrations, and monthly events are all important to us. Various themes are prepared, as well as enjoyable games and activities, to increase enthusiasm and develop zest and zeal. Not to mention, some very delectable delicacies have been prepared.


Rewards & Recognition

We never fail to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of our hardworking employees. Award and recognition ceremonies are organized on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to acknowledge their talents and to celebrate their never-say-die attitude. Employees who deserve it get prizes in a number of categories, as well as fantastic gift baskets.

Sports & Fitness Challenge

We are a group of people that are athletic, adventurous, and like challenges both on and off the field. To enhance team togetherness and keep us active, fitness competitions such as skipping, flat planks, and push-ups, as well as sports such as cricket, are organized. Claps, inspiration, and laughter ensure that every second counts.


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