AI-Powered Document Intelligence to Solve Information Overload

DocQuery uses advanced large language models (LLMs) and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) for data retrieval. With DocQuery, you gain a highly interactive, conversational experience - accessible to anyone in your organisation in any industry that requires managing and assessing a large number of documents.

Decision makers have a strategic, versatile technology in DocQuery that prioritises data security. The resulting precision and transparency of data, combined with organisational productivity and efficiency, strengthen decision making processes.


The DocQuery Advantage

Personalisation and interactivity

User-friendly conversational chat interface to ask questions, accept or reject customised answers and provide feedback. Answers multiple follow-up questions.

Enhanced accuracy

Gain information from the widest possible sources and add it to your database for up-to-date answers. Segregate documents based on departments or categories for precision. Analyse tabular and structured data.


Provision of all source references for each document section supports greater transparency and trust building with stakeholders.

Easier regulation compliance

Quick retrieval of the latest legal compliance requirements to respond to your compliance obligations within shorter timespans.

Agility and efficiency

LLM capabilities provide clear, simple answers for teams that aim to be more productive by spending less time on laborious tasks and eliminating document overload.

Privacy and security

Secure, isolated cloud deployment for absolute confidentiality and no third-party interactions.


Extensive integration capabilities with existing document management systems, databases and document storage solutions. API-driven integration for a range of digital environments and systems. Data retrieval from a wide range of databases, including SQL and NoSQL.

DocQuery Industry Uses

Try Out DocQuery

Click on the link below to get your own demo with DocQuery. Simply create an account, log in and start asking your questions. You can adapt the system to work with specific documents - even confidential ones. We will set up a private instance of DocQuery accessible to your organisation only so that you can gain answers from your custom or private documents.

I need more details about DocQuery’s integration capabilities.

DocQuery integrates with existing internal business document management systems such as intranets, company websites and mobile apps for seamless incorporation of chatbot experiences across multiple platforms.

We implement custom integrations with widely used storage tools such as Google Drive, SharePoint and OneDrive if requested by clients.

Does DocQuery enable voice-based interactions?

We’re working on this. The team is currently developing text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities in Sinhala, Tamil and English. This will be particularly applicable to mobile applications - making DocQuery even more user friendly and accessible.

How can I protect sensitive data with DocQuery?

In addition to DocQuery’s secure, isolated cloud deployment, it comes with stringent security protocols and compliance with industry standards. DocQuery provides standard confidentiality by default.

If you require custom security and compliance measures, we will work with you to deploy local LLMs.

Can small businesses use DocQuery?

Definitely. Small, medium and large enterprises in any industry can use DocQuery to streamline their operations and take advantage of all its benefits.

Does NCINGA offer support services for DocQuery?

Yes. Use our default support channel route with an on-call hotline and the support platform for swift issue resolution.

How can I view a DocQuery demo?

There’s a short introductory video at the top of this page. To book your own demo, get in touch with us for a free consultation.

What is the pricing model for DocQuery?

We offer a flexible pricing model with 4 subscription tiers. Select the most relevant model based on your business needs and usage levels. Contact our team to learn more about these tiers.