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NCINGA partners Google Cloud to accelerate digital adoption for enterprises, SMBs in Sri Lanka

  • NCINGA is strongly aligned with Sri Lanka’s ambition to drive for a digital economy

  • The partnership with Google Cloud is expected to unlock digital opportunities for Sri Lankan Enterprises and SMBs

NCINGA, one of Sri Lanka’s leading IT solution providers, recently announced its partnership with Google Cloud that will serve the emerging digital transformation needs of Sri Lankan small businesses and enterprises.

As organizations across Sri Lanka look for reliable, scalable infrastructure and digital productivity tools to enhance their agility, efficiency and to modernize their IT solutions to serve their customers better, NCINGA continues to be the choice service provider for many islanders, and international clients.

Through the partnership, NCINGA will offer Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Workspace coupled with required advisory, implementation and managed services through tailored offerings. This will strengthen NCINGA’s technology capabilities and ability to serve organizations of all sizes as they drive next-gen opportunities and new business models.

Commenting on the partnership, NCINGA Vice President – Enterprise Business Isuru Ponnamperuma said: “We understand the significant impact the pandemic is having on our economy and our partnership with Google Cloud will aid us to deliver more world-class technology and tools for business needs, allowing them to thrive in a digital economy.

“We believe Google Cloud’s world-class technologies coupled with NCINGA’s Lean and Agile approach to digital transformation services will help accelerate Sri Lanka’s journey towards a digital economy. Through digital transformation our goal is to ensure that all businesses are given equal opportunity to grow and succeed, staying ahead of market needs and industry changes. NCINGA is the best cloud partner for digitally transforming businesses as a business that journeyed through this very same evolution, and as a service provider, we have reached maturity to bridge the gap between cloud and non-cloud worlds”.

The partnership between NCINGA and Google Cloud aims to:

  • Digitalize Enterprises and SMBs across their lifecycles - Google Workspace coupled with NCINGA’s Hyper Automation and Integration Solutions and NCINGA professional services will aid in automating processes and workflows in a secure and collaborative, anywhere, anytime working environment.

  • Help bring down enterprise IT infrastructure investments with the power of the Cloud - Google Cloud’s leading technologies and NCINGA’s on-prem and edge computing capabilities will enable enterprises to address business challenges across industries. In addition, NCINGA Integration services will help customers leverage Google Cloud to create hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This, in turn, will accelerate innovation, reduce costs and enable organisations to run applications closer to end-users, thereby building industry-changing experiences across the board.

  • Digitally transforming NCINGA’s own operations - NCINGA will build applications on GCP and Google Workspace. In particular, NCINGA will define a clear roadmap to automate its processes and for AI/ML adoption that will not only improve its core operations, costs, and customer experiences, but also aid the company in advancing its position in the industry and share those best practices with its customers.

Google Cloud India Head of Cloud Partners and Alliances Amitabh Jacob concluded: “We’re excited to work with NCINGA to help digitize businesses of all sizes in Sri Lanka, aiding NCINGA to create new engines for long-term innovation and growth.” NCINGA is a technology solutions provider with a unique lean and agile approach to digital transformation. The brand is home to some of the best local and international solution architects, engineers and digital innovators. The company has seen tremendous growth in its services, in the Telecom & BFSI segments recently (through its subsidiary ‘IFINITY’) in Sri Lanka as well as in international markets by way of strategic partnerships, key project wins and onboarding of sought after industry talent.


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