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Sky is not the limit for Local Start-ups NCINGA puts its weight behind ‘CCC Council for Startups’

The next local Elon Musk, Alexis Ohanian or Mark Zuckerberg could be waiting for a start to happen…as they say. Wait no more as the local start-up community got a much needed shot in the arm recently when one of the most sought after digital transformation solution providers in emerging markets, NCINGA decided to throw their weight behind the recently formed Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Council for Start-ups by being one of the main sponsors. This leap of faith reiterate the commitment shown by NCINGA in providing lean and agile solutions engineered with humanity to impact lives in positive ways.

With NCINGA CEO Imal Kalutotage, being part of the committee of “CCC Council for Startups” the local entrepreneur is guaranteed to get a wealth of knowledge from his vast experience. As an added bonus the “Four Cs” – [Courage, Creativity, Credibility and Care]”which are the core values of NCINGA, is sure to provide a launching pad for new entrepreneurs to achieve economic development via efficient utilization of scarcely used human resources, natural resources and capital, which strongly aligns with the views taken by the newly established council. Furthermore, the burning issues faced by new entrepreneurs today will be addressed by utilizing the expert knowledge and skill at hand in order to create a more sustainable and efficient startup network.

The aspiring new local entrepreneurs can look forward to an interesting future ahead with NCINGA, lending them a hand through this initiative with their fullest support and cooperation. As they say “Sky is not the limit. It’s just the beginning”.


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