NCINGA sets tone for richer work collaboration and co-creation

NCINGA Ltd., one of Sri Lanka’s leading IT solution providers, staying true to its motto ‘Engineered for Humanity,’ launched its corporate offices last week at the Parkland Building, Colombo 2.

The newly launched innovative space brings to life NCINGA’s ideology of richer collaboration and co-creation, twisting the usual work from home model. Allowing employees to continue to benefit from the agile work from home (WFH) model, the newly launched space becomes a place to ‘play’ and inspire, aimed at cultivating more collaborative experiences.

The strategic decision to create and provide conducive workspaces, even amidst the shift to the agile/ ‘work from home’ model for the brand comes at a time when staff members and employees (as a whole, and industry-wise) crave spaces that create rejuvenation for a far more luxurious experience. The new space is a prime example of how modern employers who understand the woes of employees now being bombarded with 24/7 work whether at office or home, thus the shift to make their office space geared towards play and rejuvenation of the mind and spirit.

The recently launched office acts as a safe space where staff members may still opt for finding the balance between agile work and office-based work and play, with mental health, personal space, overall happiness and recreational needs of staff in mind.

NCINGA VP Service Delivery Rohana Somaratne said: “The decision to expand our work-space comes at a time when we’re also embracing the hybrid-work model made necessary due to the pandemic. We’ve put great care and thought into creating this sprawling open-office space as an ‘anchor’ for the brand, curating spaces that inspire innovation, richer collaboration and co-creation, as well as focus on staff wellness and harmony. This space was created as a means by which for staff to now shift from work at office AND at home, to choosing to WFH but also come into office for ‘play’, giving them that much needed ‘RnR,’ wherein we see many now lacking in this situation, regardless of where they work from.”

The NCINGA and IFINITY Corporate Offices were created with an open-office concept in mind and feature a TECH Talk Arena. The event saw the gathering of friends, family and business stakeholders to witness the unveiling of the modern space that will become ground zero for NCINGA’s future innovations and international collaborations.

NCINGA is a Technology Solutions Provider with a unique Lean and Agile Approach to Digital Transformation. The brand is home to some of the best local and international Solution Architects, Engineers and Digital Innovators. The company has seen tremendous growth in its services, in the Telecom & BFSI segments recently (through its subsidiary IFINITY) in Sri Lanka as well as in international markets by way of strategic partnerships, key project wins and onboarding of sought-after industry talent.