Unifying Humanity, Achieving Common Objectives

Courage and consciousness for betterment

Positive, meaningful changes are the results of collective human endeavours. Humanity is flawed, yet people-to-people connections that truly touch upon what we each seek to achieve thrive despite pitfalls.

At our core, we champion a collective and conscious desire to build a better world. We forge connections and partnerships with those individuals and communities who do not have easy access to the knowledge or tools to achieve their big dreams.

Such an endeavour needs honesty and openness, along with the vision to understand what uncertainties humanity faces today and what is likely to confront us in the future. Always driven by courageous adventurism and passion, we’re ready to face these challenges.

Foundation of Humanity

Moving humanity forward

We stand apart in our commitment to pledge 10% of our company's net profits to drive initiatives around the education of Technology, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. NCINGA’s sustainability commitments have seen our involvement with the Foundation of Goodness, Peter Weerasekera Children’s Home and others.

Our very own Foundation of Humanity is in its initial stages. We’re full of hope for this promising initiative. The Foundation of Humanity will be a driver of our empathetic humanistic vision to use the transformative potential of technology to reshape our experiences - for a more daring world that will achieve greater social justice.